Did They Have to Play “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, Really?


January 22, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Hey, it’s my Papa’s Birthday. Happy Birthday, Papa. Be sure to wish him one as well.

So, despite what I had originally forecast, it didn’t rain here until yesterday. So, we had two whole days of hot weather and sunshine. The little bit of rain yesterday afternoon brought with it lots of wind and cooler weather. The forecast for today is rain. Tomorrow, we get a break and then thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday. It is supposed to clear up on Wednesday, so that we can fly home. The good thing about Cancun, according to people who actually know stuff about Cancun, is that the rains usually come fast and hard and are over with after about twenty minutes. I’ll let you know how well that works out.

The innernet here in the Hotel is iffy at best. Yesterday, I spent a ridiculous amount of time, during the raining sessions, trying to get online and failing. Despite the front desk clerk’s reassurances that “The inter-net is working great!” Asshole. They just say what I want to hear so that I’ll leave them alone and they can gossip with their friends. Today it is just as shoddy, but I’m on for the moment. Heaven forbid I can’t get on the innernet while I’m at the beach.

Life wasn’t nearly as surreal as it has been, yesterday. There were a few moments where reality got shakey, but overall we are adjusting to warm weather and crashing waves. You don’t care about the good stuff, so I’ll spare you that and give you the weird stuff, instead.

Pancake Land and I had successfully been doing nothing all day. We laid in the sun for a while. We laid in the hammocks for a while. We chain smoked. We drank bottled water. The normal stuff. You know, the stuff we do everyday. At some point it rained a little bit and the beach goers freaked out and ran inside. The three minutes of sprinkling that the clouds did, gave us just the break we needed, and we swept onto the beach to procure a few lounge chairs and a thatched roof mini-cabana to lay under. Suckers. We laid there for a while reading. At some point I ran up to the room to get more smokes, a towel, and P.L.’s sunglasses. That was the end of normalcy, until the rains came back in later.

When I returned to our shaded spot, “Cum On Feel the Noise” was playing. Apparently, I had just missed “Paradise City”, but don’t worry, there was plenty more 80’s stripper music to come. It was at this point, with me still reeling form the Quiet Riot, that Pancake Land pointed out that the lady directly ahead of us, by the water, was tanning topless. Not just tanning, but arranging her beach chair so that she could tan. She was too far away to get a decent photo, sorry boys. After that, we sat reading in peace until, out of fucking no where, this dude, completely covered from head to toe in silver glitter, appeared and handed me a flyer for a nightclub called “The City”. I was so caught off guard that I couldn’t move let alone grab my camera.

Pancake Land informed me that I will be wearing the camera around my neck all day today, so as to not miss anything else. She is very disappointed in our photo count as of yet, so that is going to be today’s focus. Yesterday’s focus was napping and today’s focus is photos. Life is simpler here.

A little while after the shiny guy, they played the Scorpions hit from the title of the post and we took it as an omen to get indoors. And we were right. The downpour ensued. P.L. napped and I tried to get online, but opted to read some more after my disappointing failure. For the most part, the rest of the day was uneventful. I had the veal.

Currently, it is 10am, I am in the lobby typing this, and my darling is still asleep. This family is checking into the hotel and the little boy has a t-shirt that reads “Master of Disaster”. I want it. Anyway, I’m going to go wake the sleepy girl up and get this photo shooting day started before the rains return. Wish us luck. More soon. ~SC


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