Happy Days.


January 8, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

That was courtesy of Dave. He sent it to me yesterday to make me smile. So, I thought I’d pass the smile along.

I know I’m not supposed to talk about the stats of the website, but I just want to point out that we had more views yesterday than we have ever had on a single day. Yesterday broke the record that was set on the second day the site was up, back when it was still at WordPress. It took almost two years to break that record. Anyway, enough about that silliness. I just thought it was awesome and thought I’d share how awesome you are for reading this.

So, the rumor has it, that we’re getting a movie lounge. You know an eat-and-watch venue. It is one thing that I’ve been wishing this town had, forever. Apparently, they’ll be showing a lot of independent and foreign films as well. So sweet. So nice. I’ve found a couple of articles on the subject, if you’re interested:

1) TCW


Today is ear lowering day. I’ve got to get this post finished so that I can go with Word to Me over to Johnny Fox’s to have our hair did. Then, lunch on assignment. After that, back to the letterpress shop to finish framing the prints for this show that will be hanging at Second Street Live all of January. Today we finish framing, tomorrow we hang the show.

I can honestly say that this was not how I envisioned my last weekend, before school starts again. I’ll be sandwiched between a lot of work and trying to get to see the Reverend Dark Wombat as much as possible before he leaves on Monday (to return to Japan). I didn’t expect my Padawan to be on the lam. I didn’t expect my sort-of-step-Dad-in-law to have brain bumps. Of course, I had never expected to turn out so handsome and intelligent, either, and look at me now.


Operation B, has checked in from his secret location (probably an abandoned umbrella factory on the outskirts of town) to let us know that he is in fact not dead in a ditch somewhere. He also let us know that he doesn’t want to live here anymore and is planning on moving to, of all places, Virginia. I hear the beaches are nice there. (In the event that you are reading this, Operation B, I am not mad at you. You can call me and talk about what’s going on, if you want to.)

G-Man has been released from the hospital and is comfortably back at home. The results from the biopsy and the lab work came back yesterday. He has lung cancer. And it has spread to his brain. Luckily, they caught it pretty early on, so the Doctor seems very very optimistic that we will be able to kick the shit out of it. G-Man starts treatment, both chemo and radiation, on Monday morning.

Sandwich Control is still very handsome and intelligent.

Okay, now that we’ve got the serious stuff out of the way, it is time to smile some more.

Oh, Maru. You’re so random.

Well, that’s it for today. Don’t get cancer. Don’t run away from home. Stay in school. Drugs are bad. Pot is okay. More soon. ~SC


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