Here’s Sand In Your Eye.


January 23, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Somewhat true to my word, Pancake Land and I braved the cold (23°C or 73.4°F) to take photos yesterday. It was rough, but we did it. For you. The temperature wasn’t bad. It was the wind. Normally, the wind is blowing from the ocean toward the hotel and is pleasantly warm. Yesterday, the wind blew toward the ocean. A cold wind. In addition to being the air equivalent of someone using a spray bottle filled with ice water to periodically hose you whilst you are taking a relaxing, hot shower, the wind also picked up big handfuls of the luxurious sand and whipped it right into your eyes. I managed to avoid most of it because of my glasses, but Pancake Land, having misplaced her shades, didn’t fair so well.

The trick was trying to stay in the sunlight. On an overcast day, that was trickier than it sounds. At some point, the sun just gave up and we finally retreated back to the room for a few hours of relaxing and playing cards before dinner.

Anyways, while we were out in the luxury of the sunlight, we managed to actually do a few things. And by “do” things, please note that none of these things required any kind of energy use on our part.

I stood in the waves. Granted, I had done this briefly on the first day, but there were no photos of it. Given the fact that my word means squat, and there were threats of people pooing on my head whilst I sleep, we figured a little evidence of my feet-ocean interaction was in order. Here:

We also made a present for Dave out of sand:

Then, while I was trying to get a nice photo of Pancake Land in her floppy hat on the beach, the wind, remember it is blowing toward the ocean, stole her hat and sent it to the briny deep (not really deep, but the briny shallow doesn’t sound as good… or maybe it does). P.L. wasn’t going down without a fight, though. She went after it. If I had been in real photographer mode, I would have been shooting the whole time, but I froze. I managed to get some photos right before the hat theft and right after she got it back. Forgive me for being concerned with Pancake Land’s well being. Anyway, she fought the wind and she won:

After her big victory, we went back to the room so she could put on my some dry clothes and then it was off to the daiquiri machine for a little reward for her bravery. After she got a little liquid courage in her system, she decided she was going surfing (not really):It was pretty much right after that that the sun took off early (Dave click this link) and we went back to the room. What was for dinner, you say? It was Mexican night at one of the restaurants, so we ate local cuisine. I was pleased to find that it was authentic. No cheddar cheese here. After gorging ourselves on quartered avocados, huge banana leaf-wrapped tamales, and the most amazing pulled pork I have ever eaten, we called it a night.

This morning for breakfast, pan au chocolat and coffee. It was heavenly. Today, I think we are going to trek down to the shopping center right up the road and hunt up some more shit for our house. In addition to stuff for my shrine (pray that I can find a skeleton Virgin Mary), I am hoping to find some kitchen gadgets. Maybe a decorative man-bag and some rainbow jelly slippers. You never know. Anyways, wish us luck.

Well, I’m going to go wake that girl up and get this show on the sidewalk. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    I feel so honored, several times over.
    I’m happy you got your toes wet. I didn’t really want to make a mess in your hair, but would have if you forced my hand.
    I totally guessed the song before the jump! Booyams!
    Things are a little different out there, I think the jelly slippers are a good idea.
    You dont know what the sky look like – get in the house.

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