I Didn’t Have a Dream.


January 17, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

I decided that today’s title would be the shortest, most depressing, most uninspiring speech ever. That said, here’s something silly:

I think Kingston, one of our cats, might actually be allergic to Catnip. He’s been getting better lately, seeing as how he is the sickly child, and then yesterday, he starts being sick again. The only thing that I can think is that we just got some new Catnip for Eazy, and Kingston was playing with one of the toys that had Catnip on it. Or maybe, he’s just sickly. It is not encouraging to have him getting sick before be leave for a week. Not the way this year’s been going so far.

Speaking of Catnip, the Rev. Dark Wombat told me something interesting when he was here. He said that big cats, i.e. Tigers and Lions and whatnot, react the same way to Catnip as house cats. I wasn’t a believer, until I looked it up.

Ridiculous. Anyway, running late this morning. Unlike some of you, I have to go to work. Have a wonderful day. More soon. ~SC


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