I Don’t Want a Rave In My Vagina.


January 1, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Happy New Years. For real this time.

So, if I had to sum up the 10th Annual Playaz Ball in 3 photos or less, the 3 photos would be:

I would have summed it up in more photos, but rather than washing everyone out in a blinding flash, I took a lot of blurry photos. What are you gonna do?

Overall, I feel like the Playaz Ball went better than expected. Granted, no one got punched in the face, but it can’t rain everyday. On the upside, Back Alley Trey did puke and someone smashed their face into the floor during the Soul Train, so the party counts as a success.

For the record, the stache was gone before I went to bed. The afro is still here, but just until I get motivated enough to take a shower.

What’s on the agenda for me today? Well, I plan on devoting my whole day to you, my dear reader. Today I am going to be laying around and updating the site. I need to consolidate the 2010 Daily Photos, build a 2011 Daily Photos gallery, build a 2011 General Photos page, and work some more on cleaning up the 2009 Daily Photos gallery. Yay! Working on the website! And sausage croissandwiches. And, apparently, Kingston. Don’t touch my croissandwich kitty! Oh, God. Did you fart? Jeezus. That stinks. How appetizing is that? Not very.

Well, I’ve put off posting this four 4 hours now, so I guess I had better call it finished and go work on something else. More soon. Happy New Year. ~SC


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