Rain on my parade.


January 18, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

According to the weather reports, it is supposed to rain the entire time we are in Cancun. It doesn’t matter, though. It is still going to be about 25°C there. There are not going to be any whining dogs or puking cats. There isn’t going to be any redneck radio first thing in the morning. No deadlines or assignments or obligations, just me and my baby and the (rain-soaked) sand.

So, 2011 might be looking up. I was digging through our exhibitor’s packet, for the BMAC in Philly, and came across a super awesome thing on the events page. Normally, I don’t even look at the events page because it is always seminars and workshops on “how to make your website not suck” or “doing more with you booth layout”. Things that involved phrases like “greet customers with an open gesture”. I’ve got an open gesture for ya’. Anyway, back to the events page. I scanned it very briefly and was in the process of discarding it when something caught my eye. I literally had to read it twice because it didn’t make sense the first time. So, apparently, Amy Sedaris is going to be there signing copies of her new book. It makes sense. Her new book is about crafting. It is a craft show. But, who really cares about how logical it is? I am going to be mere feet from Amy Sedaris. I did a little dance. I wonder if I can get her to be in my Daily Photo. Hmm…

Anyways, have a taste of Amy’s brilliance:

It just amazes me how well she plays everything so seriously. I mean, she’s putting hot dogs on a rake and she plays it like she is balancing the national deficit. So good.

On another note of brilliance, while I was trying to get stuff done last night, Pancake Land was watching this documentary, and I kept catching myself watching it because it was so amazing. It is a doc about a parking lot. I know what you’re thinking, but it is great. The employees of this parking lot are all fantastic. And the mentality behind their working there is awesome. I found a sort of makeshift trailer put out by SXSW that doesn’t do the film justice, but it will suffice to show you some of the brilliance. Here:

Just go on your NetFlix instant queue and watch it. It is worth the hour it takes to watch.

Well, it is that time again. Time for me to get ready for the long day of school. After school, final packing and off to the beach. I’ll try and post something before we leave, but no guarantees. I’ll definitely stop in and say howdy once we get there, though. Anyway, wish us luck. More soon. ~SC


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