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January 25, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

You know what will blow your mind? Watching Karate Kid dubbed en espanol. The whole concept of Senor Miyagi, especially the fact that he is Japanese and is speaking Spanish, is just insane. I watched parts of the movie twice yesterday and I still can’t wrap my head around it. I actually filmed the ending for you, but I can’t put it up on YouTube because of the ridiculously shoddy innernet here at the hotel. I’ll put it up when I get home and then your minds will be blown.

Speaking of Karate Kid, I’ve been looking for some old dock posts to practice my crane technique, but haven’t found any. Yet.

So, let’s talk about food. Last night, against our better judgment, we went to the buffet for dinner. Every night there is a theme at the buffet. We went on Mexican night, because we figured that they couldn’t possibly screw it up, and it was amazing. This was our same thinking when it came to last night’s theme of Tex-Mex.

Just a note before I go any further. If you will recall my note about avoiding food here that resembles food we have at home because it like an alien made it, please apply that note here. Thanks.

So, apparently our definition of Tex-Mex is just the opposite of their definition of it. Our definition involves us bastardizing their food. In their definition, they bastardize ours. I guess it is a fair play, but it doesn’t mean that is good play. BBQ ribs, grilled veggies served cold, “chili”, potato salad, etc. None of which was bad. Well, maybe the grilled veggies served cold, but the rest wasn’t bad. It was just slightly off. Even the “crunchy tacos” were weird. I’m sticking to the Italian restaurant for the rest of the trip (e.g. tonight). I don’t know enough about Italian cuisine to know what it should taste like, so I have no expectations, and thus, cannot be let down. So far, at El Mirador (Ristorante Italiano), we’ve tried the Veal Piccata, the Sicilian style Mahi Mahi, the musroom and asparagus Risotto, the lasagna, the cheese canneloni, and the penne Carbonara. All of which, tasted wonderful. In this case, ignorance truly is bliss.

So, yesterday we got a little sun. It didn’t get chilly. The sun didn’t take off early. It didn’t rain, until midnight. It was a good day. I got a little pink on my back, because I stupidly believed that the sun wouldn’t be out long and therefore neither would we, and didn’t hose myself down with sunscreen. I guess it is not such a bad idea to actually come home with a tan that proves I actually came to the beach and not just a hotel with a special effects studio at my disposal. Anyways, I didn’t notice the sun at all. I wasn’t paying attention to my searing back flesh because I was too busy digging a hole for my legs. In reality, I was hunting for big shells and after not finding any, I turned my newly dug hole into my “beach chair”. If you look at yesterday’s Daily Photo, my legs are actually inside the ground. If it looks comfortable, that is just a trick of the waves and the light.

Today, we have a quick errand to run in the afternoon, a final touch on Pancake Land’s “Secret Mission”, but until then it is hammock time. It is our last day here and we are going to get as much ocean staring time as possible before our rendezvous with P.L.’s contact. It doesn’t feel like we’ve been here a week. At first, it felt like time was crawling by. Now, time is flying by faster than the wind (which happens to be blowing at somewhere between 37 and 45km/h). I guess it is like walking ten miles and there is a huge hill in the middle. It takes forever to get to the top of the hill, but once you reach the summit, the rest of the trip goes by quickly.

Well, I’ve got some lying around to do, so I’ll leave you with a little short film about some slacker teenage superheroes. Enjoy!

More soon. ~SC


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