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January 15, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

After a morning of people receiving a message that read “Account Disabled” when they approached this here website, and then calling to tell me about it, we are back up and running. Apparently, it wasn’t just my site that went down, the whole Colossus gang went down. Furious Jessy, Dave, Le Duke, Little Peddler, and Taco Planet were all without a site this morning. You might be wondering, why? It is very simple. Someone forgot to pay their bill. It was actually Dave’s bill that wasn’t paid, but since Taco Planet is in charge of getting the money and then paying the bill, it is all his fault. You can send your angry emails to him, not me.

I actually had three phone calls before I had finished my first cup of coffee. People get upset. Luckily, the third call was Furious Jessy calling to work out the problem, conference call style. We talked about the problem, how to solve the problem, and ultimately decided that she’d pay the bill and then get money from Dave later. And by later, I think she meant as soon as we got off the phone. There was talk of all black outfits and a wiffle ball bat. I don’t know.

So, do you remember that Tom Waits book that I talked about yesterday? Well, it turns out that there was such a huge demand for them, i.e. being sold out, that they have decided to do a second edition, which is, currently, still available. I would go and get the links for you, but I’m lazy, so just go to yesterday’s post and click the links there. None of this matters, though. I emailed a few of you out-of-towners yesterday to let you know that you could buy me one for my next year’s Grismas presnent, and sure enough, I got an email from Amy the Amazing informing me that “as soon as I have Tom Waits, you will have Tom Waits”. She ordered a couple of them from Europe. One for her and one for me. God only knows what language they will be in. Anyway, she is going to be giving me a copy for my birthday, which is before Grismas, and she asked that I tell you not to get me one. Now that I have told you that, you can completely disregard it. The more the merrier, that’s my take on it. I’ll take a German one. And one from the U.K. And one from the “rest of the world”. And a second edition from the States. I do request that, you wait until Grismas to give them to me, though. Get it signed by Tom, and you will definitely win Grismas. Yeah, good luck with that.

This weekend is one of preparation. I’ve got articles to write to cover the time that I’ll be gone. It is a time of cleaning, so that Back Alley Trey won’t have to live in my everyday mess. It is a time of stocking up on pet supplies so that the animals don’t kill and eat B.A.T. while he is sleeping. It is a time of washing and folding clothes that are totally obsolete in Winter. It is time of rubbing Kingston down with catnip so that Eazy will drool all over him and thus keep him occupied so that I can type this. It is a time of beans & cornbread and leftover pizza.

It is also a time of more bad news. In addition to the awesome news about the books, Amy the Amazing also informed me that Lil’ T’s (her little sister) best friend died suddenly of an aneurysm. Jeezus. I’m sending good doogies to Lil’ T. Be sure to send her some as well. I’m hoping that our beach trip refills my doogy tank, because I’m starting to run a little low.

Things had better start looking up here in 2011, or else I’m just going to have to move to 2012. Anyway, I don’t want to end on that note, so I had better go find something a little more uplifting. Hold please….

Oh, yes. Some of you have heard this. Fewer have seen it. Most of you, neither. This is what happens when great planets collide. Enjoy.

Yeah. That made everything better. Well, Ima get to work. Try and enjoy your three day weekend. More soon. ~SC


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