He’s Like A Chubby Terminator.


February 26, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

So, Pancake Land has been giving Eazy a hard time lately because of, let’s just say he’s heavy. I keep telling her that he’s big boned and that muscle weighs more than fat, but she won’t listen. As if he is aware of her thinking, Eazy has started trying to show us that he is, in fact, very athletic and strong. I mean, he’s got to be strong to carry all that weight around, right? Anyways, he has started jumping as high as he can on the jambs of all of the doors in the house. I call it training. Like he’s a ninja. At some point, during one of P.L.’s most recent discussions about possibly putting him on a diet, Eazy started to act strangely, by running around and being super playful, attacking random things and stalking Kingston. It was then that it dawned on me. He’s a very cleverly disguised Terminator. Every time he sneaks up and attacks, you can almost hear Kingston mutter “Skynet has won.”

Well, I am, without a doubt, feeling better today. Despite my fit of insomnia last night, I feel pretty excellent today. It couldn’t have come at a better time either, seeing as how I need to eat somewhere on assignment this weekend. Since I am feeling better today, I have decided to make the post that I was going to make a few days ago about all of the bounty that I scored in Philly. So, it begins.

I scored a badass pitcher, coffee mug, and small bowl from Wild Goose Johnny which brings my collection of Wild Goose Pottery count up to 7. He had a whole kilnload of pots that turned out the wrong color, so I am working on a way to buy some of those off of him. I figure, since he holds the largest collection of my work (Sorry, Furious Micks) why shouldn’t I hold the largest collection of his? Plus, his work is way better than my crappy paintings. Anyway, here’s the newest additions to my collection:

Since I had brought a little folding money with me, and seeing as how the show was friggin’ dead, I got to walk around and illegally buy samples from other crafters. I scored a badass apron for Pancake Land from Fisk and Fern.

I scored a long lusted after Clique mug from my show friends Ed and Kate Coleman.

If you don’t happen to watch the video on their site, I’ll put in on here as well. I thought it was funny in that Andy Warhol/Bob Dylan kind of way.

Oh, the embed video button has disappeared from my tool box. What the crap? Well, until I get that solved, here’s a link:

American Craft Propaganda

I also scored the cutest most precious-est mug ever from Creations Li. It’s called a Cafe Oh Lait mug. Brilliant.

And last, but not least, I scored a set of four silk-screened dish towel from Philly’s own Girls Can Tell. They all have diagrams of my favorite things on them. I got the Firs, the typewriter, the microscope, and the KitchenAide mixer. But, there were so many other ones that I wanted. You can see them all by looking at the diagram design library on her site. So good.

Oh, and I think that I mentioned going to see a band that didn’t play because they forgot their mics, but I stole a poster anyway. Well, here it is:

Well, I feel good about the post today. I am going to go try and convince Pancake Land to let me out of Africa so that I can go meet up with my Microbiology lab partner, Black Jack Josh, and have him teach me three and a half chapters worth of lecture in a few hours time so that I do not utterly fail my test on Tuesday. After that, I will probably be drawing diagrams for gycolysis and the Kreb’s cycle over and over and over and over again until it is permanently cemented in my brain. Fun times. Maybe dinner with Teacher Sis, if she feels up to it. Who knows? Anyways, I’m off. More soon. ~SC


  1. TeacherSis says:

    Dude…towels are awesome. Food will be good later. I think. Last time I felt this way I got ink’d.

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