February 3, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

So class didn’t get canceled today. Even though it is -10°C (14°F). I guess their decision was based on what the temperature and weather will be today, rather than what it is like right now. Right the landscape outside my window is a giant sheet of ice with roads cut into it. Whatever. I guess I couldn’t avoid this microbiology test forever. It’s time to nut up or shut up.

I don’t really have anything exciting to talk about.

Yesterday, I worked for Le Duke. I trimmed some stuff that I made on Monday. I made some more stuff. Ooh, one thing that I got to do that was most excellent was build a piece for this flower sculpture we are working on. It is very rare that I get to exert any creativity whatsoever in the pottery studio. I am normally making the same thing over and over again. Such is the life of the studio potter. Anyway, Le Duke asked me to make the pistil (the incredibly phallic-looking lady part of the flower) for this sculpture and I jumped at the opportunity. Who wouldn’t? I mean I’ve been working in the studio for almost ten years and this is the first time I get the chance to make a big clay dick that will be displayed prominently on the front of a sculpture for the whole world to see. Heck yeah, I’m in.

Other than that, I came home, took a shower, sent my article to my editor (after torturing Pancake Land with a quick proofread session), and got us some Hardee’s for dinner. Our weekly menu got a little screwed up because of the weather. I was supposed to make beans and cornbread last night, but since we were snowed in on Tuesday I made them then. Thus, Wednesday night defaulted to “Take Out” night. Since I am a big sissy girl and didn’t want to drive, I planted the craving for a cheeseburger into Pancake Land’s head and off I was sent to Hardee’s. You would think that we would eat there more often than we do. I think in the entire year we’ve lived here, we might have eaten there three times. It could probably have something to do with that whole “we ate there everyday when we were working on getting the house fixed up thing”. And, that shits expensive. I’m talking $4 for a ham and cheese sandwich.

Since today’s post is a little skimpy of juicy stuff, I’m gonna dip into the mail bag and see what kind of stuff people have sent me recently. Ah, yes. Teacher Sis sent me this funny t-shirt for you science and pun nerds out there:

Do you get it?*

And let’s see… okay… Furious Jessy sent me this kick ass video on turning a soda can into a vintage looking metal box. Enjoy:

Okay, well I have to go hike along the ice fields to take my microbiology test. It’ll be a long day because I’ve got lab tonight. Wish me luck (and coffee). More soon. ~SC

* It’s a Ferrous Wheel!


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