Symptoms May Include Cabin Fever, Cookie Baking, and Whining Dogs.


February 10, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Hello there. If you haven’t climbed out of bed for the past few days, you might not have noticed that it snowed a lot yesterday. So much so, that school has been canceled today as well. Since it is a normal school day for me, and since I wasn’t going to work anyway, I didn’t bother setting the alarm to wake up. I went to bed at an outrage-ishly late 11pm last night (look out, now) and woke up pleasantly at 8:30am this morning. There are some really nice things about snow days. Being trapped in the house with a bunch of animals is not one of them.

Jenny, for example, is old and set in her ways and refuses to go outside in the snow. So, that said, I keep catching her trying to go to toilet on the carpet. I can understand going to the bathroom in the house, but she refuses to poop or pee on the hardwood where it is easily cleaned up. Oh no, she has to try and piss on the carpet where there will be much spraying of cleaner and scrubbing involved. She is what I like to call, an asshole.

The cats are totally thrown by me being in the house all day, but rather than be upset and stand around whining, they choose to take naps hoping that when they wake, everything will be back to normal. I can’t determine if they think everything is back to normal yet or not.

As promised yesterday, I managed to document part of my journey to work. It was simple enough thanks to the video camera built into my iPod, but unfortunately, the battery kept dying during the filming, so I only got part of the trip. And there was some issues with holding the iPod in the correct orientation for good filming, so part of the video (the first 34.9 seconds) is all wrong. That and filming on an iPod wearing big thick gloves is difficult so the film quality is shaky at best. Please bear with me.

After I returned home from work, White Chocolate came over to play with Pancake Land, the two of them had serious cases of cabin fever. Since I’ve got the big dogs closed up in the garage, because they are weak and ineffectual like young girls, the back yard was empty and prime turf for an experiment. P.L. and I have been wondering how the cats would react to the snow. Let’s find out, shall we?

That’s about right. Eazy wanted to go inside and be the voyeur and Kingston was all about exploring. That’s about par for the course for these two.

Pancake Land and White Chocolate on the other hand, were determined to build some snow penises (peni?). After I noticed them digging down to dirt level, I kindly remind them of where they were and the subsequent dangers of lots and lots of big piles of poo. They quickly changed their location and went about making their master pieces (hee hee). I just realized that I have no photos of said snow members on our memory card, so please refer to White Chocolate’s page on the Facebook. There should be videos of them sledding as well, thus saving me the trouble of uploading them to YouTube. Hooray for less work for me!

As if you needed more snow related videos, D-Man sent me a nice time-lapse of the snowfall up in the Ville on the Hill. And I thought we got a lot of snow. Jeezus.

Today is going to be one of laying around and doing stuff without moving. I plan on finishing Chamber of Secrets at some point. I was thinking that what we need is more cookies, so I am planning on firing up the ol’ (new, actually) KitchenAide and baking us some indecision cookies. I need to write a few little blurbs for my Bookmaking class as well.

I think that I’ve rambled on enough. Have a wonderful snow day. More soon. ~SC


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