Favors For Favors.


March 27, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

So, I spent a good deal of yesterday doing favors for people. Letting people look at stuff for people. Letting people’s dog out because someone had a flat tire and couldn’t get back over to the house to where they were supposed to be staying in order to let the dog out for some other people. Stuff like that. It gave me the warm and fuzzy feeling that I normally associate with making a $10 donation to Sierra Club and getting a sticker for the car that proves that I care about the trees. I, of course, try not to think about the fact that it took 3 envelopes and several form letters to exchange my $10 paper check for this $.10 paper sticker, thus making my donation null and void by default. But, that’s slacktivism for you.

The parts of the day that I did not spend being a good Samaritan I spent reading Harry Potter and, subsequently, dreaming Harry Potter related dreams. The dreams were weird. Something about being late for my (Harry Potter’s) track meet, but I couldn’t leave because I hadn’t finished cleaning up my station in Chem lab. Weird. The good news, because I am sure that you are tired of me droning on and on about HP, is that I have finished Year 6 and am well into Year 7 already. I should be done with it in a week or so, so please, just bear with me. Because…

The strangest thing happened while I was reading yesterday. I was just sitting there reading, and I turned the page in the book and then the next was upside down. I thought it was possibly a clever trick that ol’ J.K. was pulling on the reader, so I refrained from calling my HP support team.

The problem was that this section of upside down pages just started mid-sentence and ended the same way, only, two chapters out. It became clear, as I read on, that this was not some well planned prank on behalf of the writer, but simply and error in the construction of the book. My suspicions about the construction error were confirmed when I asked a handful of my HP support team about this phenomenon. None of then had any upside reading experiences. Further innernet research shows very few people have had the same problems and most of their upside down text is either the complete body of text is upside down compared to the cover or the text on the front cover is printed upside down. And all of them are in hardback. Not paperback like me. Anyways, in addition to the weird upside down reading thing, there is a moment, which I am sure is different for everybody, where it sort of clicks in you brain that this isn’t going to be fun and light-hearted reading anymore. Like a great big tonal shift. Mine just so happened to occur during the upside down part. It was as if J.K. herself showed up and just informed me that play time is over.

And it did. Fast. Rather than spoil it for the only person that I know would:

a) Murder me in my sleep.

b) Have access to me whilst I sleep.

I will not go into details about what happened at the end of Year 6. (If you’ve read it, you know what I’m talking about, with the guy and the other guy and the Astronomy tower.) So, rather than “accidentally suffocating under my own pillow”, I’ll let my friend Benson tell you the story about what went down on the Hogwarts Express.

That was the best copy I could find. Apparently, the Man has been removing all of the decent copies from the world. So there you have it, my Saturday in a nutshell. Today is the normal Sunday routine: make a post, write an article, take a shower, make a menu for the week, compile a grocery list, buy groceries, take a Daily Photo, post said photo, eat something, snuggle with Pancake Land, go to bed. Pretty simple, really. I’ll try and squeeze in some HP at some point in order to put me out of your misery a little faster. Anyways, I’m off to do stuff. More soon. ~SC


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