Careless Whisper.


April 21, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Well, I hope all you hippies had a good trip to Jerrytown yesterday. I had a good day despite being trapped in hot rooms nailing wooden planks to other wooden planks. Overall, I’d say it was a good one. I got a lot of flooring laid. At some point my trike parts came in to Scott’s, so I went and got those. Trike Parts! On the ride home from work, I became a little overwhelmed by the fact that I have to take my mode of transportation completely apart and then add some stuff to it and put it all back together again. Add that pressure to the realization that I am pretty sure that I have no idea what I’m doing and the ride home took what seemed like thirty seconds. It is going to be an interesting weekend to say the least. Maybe I’ll put off fixing the mower for another weekend. I don’t know if I could handle wrecking two machines in one weekend.

That said, none of that stuff is important. What is important is that I’ve had “Careless Whisper” stuck in my friggin’ head for the last 18 hours. It was in my dreams, too. So, rather than trying to exercise it out of my head, I’m going to try and get it stuck in yours. Once it gets stuck in yours, you should try and get it stuck in other people’s. Then we can all just break into a big musical number right in the middle of WalMart*. Anyways, here:

And if that one didn’t do the trick, this one will:

And who can resist the original? Not you:

All right if that didn’t work, there’s no hope for you. I’m off to school. More soon. ~SC


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