Laining Broodu. or Lide the Rightning.


April 25, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Guess what. Still raining.

I don’t know if I’ll christen the upgraded trike today or not. I think that perhaps her maiden voyage should be one with a much lower risk of being struck by lightning. Speaking of weather related stuff, it was so friggin’ hard to get out of bed this morning. Number one, I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. Partly because of the freshly adjusted mattress cushion that was all lumpy and partly because of the giant piece of chocolate cake that I ate right before bed that gave me a wittle eensy boost of energy. So, I finally get to sleep and I have weird dreams about me, Crackoline Clifton Monte Carlo, and Le Duke trying to get to this business conference, but we’re stuck in the airport. (Probably delayed for weather.) And for some reason, I had to pee a lot. The pee kept waking me up. So, I’d get out of bed, go pee, get back into bed, and be right back in the airport with CCMC and Le Duke. Needless to say, when the alarm started sounding this morning, I was not excited to hear it. Plus, the rain is so relaxing… and it’s so dark outside… just ten more minutes. (sound of forcefully punching snooze button)

But, I’m up now. So, Pancake Land went over to take Lobo away from Little Peddler yesterday. Since G-Man has been sick, Little Peddler hasn’t had a lot of time to pay attention to Lobo, and she has been talking about getting rid of him. (insert Miller’s Crossing reference here) Of course, finding a home for this guy takes time and energy, two things that Little Peddler is spending on G-Man. So, Pancake Land decided that she would find Lobo a home. So, she went and got the dog. And brought him to Holliday Island.

It is official. I am a cat person. This little dog is the bane of my existence. But, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s back up for a second. So, I set up the Puppy Pen, formerly known as the Kitten Concentration Camp, in the front room by the window. And we put a crate with a warm blanket, and a food bowl filled with kibble, and a water bowl, and the puppy pad for accidents. Needless to say, a much more comfortable arrangement than he has had recently. What does this little asshole do as soon as we put him in the pen? He pees all over the floor, tears the puppy pad to pieces, dumps his food everywhere, and sits there whining and yelping. At that point, only one thought was crossing my mind. Must kill little dog.

Do you know what cats do when they are freaked out? They puff up, hiss, and run away. They do not sit there and whine and yelp for hours on end. So, we came up with a solution. It is called outside. Where the big dogs live. Just during the day. That way he might be so tired that he sleeps all night. We’ll see if that works. Stoobs will be glad to have Nami leaving her alone for a few hours at least. Oh, and as an added bonus, Little Peddler wants to keep the dog now, she just wants us to take him for a while. (reinsert Miller’s Crossing reference here) Anyways, I just looked at the time and I’m late. I’ll leave you with this one thing to help make your Monday not suck. Here you go:

If you are one of the many people who read this at work, and thus cannot watch videos, I suggest watching it when you get home. It is well worth your time. Anyways, have a good day. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    That baby laughing slo mo style was straight out of my own personal hellish nightmares. Still it made me laugh.

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