The House Is Eerily Quiet This Morning.


May 28, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Good morning all. I hope you spent your Friday night well. I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to all of you graduates out there. I hope you spent your first day of adulthood the same way I spent mine, by spending over $1000 on Star Wars Legos, winning your first Ultimate Frisbee, and losing your virginity. Ah, adulthood. In celebration of Ari Bari’s accomplishment, I trapped her in ice.


Ari Bari.

Ah, she even made duck face. Isn’t that sweet?

But, what about Kingston? You may be asking. Well, good luck finding a vet at 11am on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. All of the vets were either out to lunch until 1:30pm or they were gone for the day. I think they might have been confused about the holiday. We’re supposed to be remembering a different kind of vet this weekend. Anywho, we finally found one that could see him after 1:30pm, so I did a little finagling with Pancake Land having to be at work and needing the car afterwords and everything worked out just fine. Kingston has a bacterial sinus infection which gave him a fever. The fever was the cause of the lethargy and the stiffness when he walked. So we started him on a round of antibiotics and he is better already. He even made biscuits for Pancake Land this morning. I wish I had some biscuits this morning. Mmm… biscuits.

Speaking of people being sick, Little Peddler just called and G-Man is back in the hospital with the pneumonia again. This time it is in his other lung. They’ve caught it pretty early this time, so he shouldn’t in there long.

What did I do last night? Well, Teacher Sis, Steel Bear, and Bubba Fett came over right after the house emptied for graduation and we demolished the floor in the kitchen and put the new flooring down. We were so excited and focused on getting the flooring done that I totally forgot to trap Steel Bear and Bubba Fett in ice. Dammit. That makes twice now that Steel Bear has escaped me.

Talking ourselves into cutting the flooring.

Anyway, the new flooring kicks much ass. I still need to put down a few pieces of quarter round and the transitions into the various rooms, but overall it is done, down, and awesome. I think after lunch on assignment today, Teacher Sis and I are going to buy the transitions. Maybe a clearance run is also in order. Hmm…

So, Taco Planet sent me an email with the subject “Meet my wife…”. He apparently in love with this pretty lady who plays ukulele and guitar and lives in Nashville. If you haven’t managed to have seen this by now, then enjoy:

I have to say she is pretty excellent. Good luck with that buddy. Also, Dave sent me something that manages to combine my love of Zelda and my love of manipulating wave functions. The email was titled “BEHOLD!”, so do it:

So nerdy. So awesome.

Okay, so I think that sums up my notes and the post for today. I hope you enjoyed it. If not click here and take Ice T’s advice.

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  1. Taco Planet says:

    She will see, one day.

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