Two Whole Cases Of The Mondays.


May 30, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday was a pretty productive day. I got almost everything on my list done. The only things that didn’t get finished were my new article and the lawn being mowed. My stupid mower broke again. This time the bracket shattered and the whole thing, blade and all, just fell off. You know what we call mowers like that on Holliday Island? Asshole. That’s what.

I didn’t finish my article because I wasn’t really feeling inspired to write. That and Operation B kept just standing behind me and text messaging. I would tell him to go do something and he would leave and five minutes later he’d be back. Then the sound of a person text messaging was all I could focus on.

tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk

vtt vtt vtt


I had to focus on the sound of the action or else I might have had to focus on something else. Such as beating him to death with his flip flops.

Today I’m still relatively uninspired, so this will be brief. I’m about to leave for work. Yes, I know it is a holiday in your country, but in Lippincottonia it is Monday. And we work on Mondays there. Plus, I’ve got to get as much done as possible today because my Physics class starts tomorrow. That’s right. For the next month you have something to look forward to in the morning posts.

Well, I’ve got to go pack a lunch. More soon. ~SC


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