Q May Be M-C-Delta T in Your House, But On Holliday Island Q Is Just Tiny.


June 30, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

And ridiculously so. This kitten is so tiny that it shouldn’t be allowed. We have still yet to 100% identify this baby kitten’s gender but we have managed to determine approximate age. We think that this little critter is between two and three weeks old. It’s eyes are open and starting to change color, but it still can’t poop or pee on its own. The weirdest part of all of this is that Pancake Land is up when I get up. It’s like we have a newborn in the house. She has been waking every few hours with Q, that’s what we’re calling it until we know a gender, because it needs to be fed or cleaned or forced to urinate. We have yet to get poop, but it is only a matter of time. We had hopes of being able to use the kitten concentration camp, but Q is so small that he can slip right in between the bars. I did get to build the world’s smallest litter box out of the empty instant mashed potato box, though.


Last night, the Royal family returned. Their plane even arrived on time. Once they, and their luggage, was acquired I whisked them back to Lippincottonia so that they could get some rest. They said the return trip went off without a hitch, but being in planes and airports for what feels like 20 hours is pretty brutal for even me and I’m not aging royalty. So, you can imagine how tired they were. Le Duke didn’t even want to drive the car. Apparently there is a “shitload of coffee” in one of the suitcases waiting for me. But my treasures must wait until after Physics.

For today is my final exam. BUM BUM BUH! Yes, that’s right, I’ve survived my summer class. Whether I passed or not is a different story. Actually, according to my calculations, which are dubious at best according to Dr. B, I can make a 45% on the final and still pass with a C. So, I’ve got that going for me. My goal is make over an 82% on the test, though. That would firmly plant me in B territory. That is a grade I can handle. Sure C’s get degrees, but they also make me take Physics I again.

Speaking of Physics, I’ve gotta run. There’s a Scantron with my name on it and dots ready to be filled in. Wish me luck. More soon. ~SC


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