When All Else Fails, Drop Some Science.


August 28, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

So yeah, I’m digging Here Comes Science by They Might Be Giants right now. It is also fitting for my life because, even though I’m out of school, I seem to be surrounded by people and situations where I need to use the little Science education that I have. For example, Prop Ninja called me the other day and informed me that her Physics teacher doesn’t teach her anything. So, I had to try and teach her about acceleration over the phone. Don’t ever try this. If you want me to teach you about acceleration, make an appointment with my secretary and we can talk about it face to face. And that is precisely what P.N. did. She’s supposed to be coming by some time today. In the mean time, you need a lesson in speed versus velocity before you can even think of tackling acceleration. Let’s bring in my friends the Johns to handle this subject. Pay attention now, there will be a quiz.

I’ll let that sink in before I start using the word Delta in reference to velocity and time.

Yesterday’s handbuilding workshop was a huge success. My students were asking when the next class would be by the end of the three hours. I have to say I was a little nervous about it. I have never taught adults before. It is a weird thing to teach a bunch of people who choose to be there. I mean, kids get dumped into summer camps and are required to participate, so it is totally different than teaching a bunch of people who have taken time out of their busy lives because they think you can teach them something. There’s expectations and whatnot. Plus, they paid good money to be there. Even more pressure to perform. At the end of the day, though, I pretty much just walked them through step-by-step what I do almost everyday. What I’ve been doing almost everyday for 10 years. It was a normal day at work with narration. And I got to swear a lot, which is usually discouraged in children’s classes.

In other news, Miss Hart has put up a new My Drunk Kitchen. Enjoy:

Well, I’ve got bunches to do today, so I’d better get started. Have a wonderful remainder of your weekend. More soon. ~SC


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