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October 29, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Happy Caturday to you all! I would like to start out today’s post by showing you a video of someone else doing something brilliant. Sure, I can dress up in a down comforter and fly around my house, but I cannot play a little tiny ukulele. I especially cannot write a song that sums up my life so well without managing to come across as cheesy and over emotional. The funny thing about this song is that I really thought I could relate to it 10 years ago. Boy, did I have a lot to learn. Anyway, enjoy:

Also, if you dig the song and you dig Regina Spektor, apparently she did a cover of it to help raise money for Doctors Without Borders. It is somehow more sad than the original or the uke cover, but still brilliant nonetheless. Jeezus:

So as to not end that part of the post on a down note, and since I’m just posting a bunch of videos of other people’s stuff, this is what I’ve actually been listening to a lot lately:

Gypsy music about a Samurai in Serbia? Brilliant.

So, yesterday I went to the studio first thing and started trimming up the forms I made on Thursday. Then I headed over to the Letterpress shop to help the English majors finish setting their type. Then it was back to the studio to finish trimming. Then it was lunch on assignment and back to the studio. With a belly full of chicken fried steak, I managed to talk myself out of working in the studio for the rest of the day and headed home. I then talked myself out of a nap and into the back yard for manual labor. Did you know that we have a concrete patio in the back yard? Not many people do. Why? Because it is constantly covered with debris. I quickly discovered that it has never been completely cleaned off since we moved in. Not only was there six wheel barrows full of dirt and leaves on top of it, but also because I marveled at how huge it actually is. My once small hammock hut (in my head) is quickly becoming a hammock mansion (in the back yard). Sweet. Maybe I’ll make some kitten hammocks to go in there as well. Maybe a hearth for winter hammock lounging and a big fan for summer hammock napping as well. I like where this is going.

After the hour or so of yard work, I took a shower bath and started cooking dinner. I made risotto and probably the best chicken breast I’ve ever cooked. (Email me and I’ll tell you what I did.) What to watch with dinner… ah, of course, Notting Hill.

Today is a day of haircuts and cookies. After my ear lowering, Teacher Sis and I are supposed to hit a few clearance hot spots and then bake “Pistachio Tuiles”, the next recipe in the food porn that is Martha Stewart’s “Cookies” cookbook. (insert sexual guttural mumblings here)

One last note before I leave you today, organic Farmers J&N have grass fed organic pork for sale at the Farmer’s Market. Bacon strips and bacon strips and sausages and whatnot. Check out the FM or their website for more information. I’m hoping my shameless plug will earn me some delicious meats. I doubt it, but it was worth a shot. Anywho, I’m off to do stuff. Enjoy your weekend. More soon. ~SC


  1. Jessica says:

    He’ll give you an advertising discount at least.

  2. Jessica says:

    But if you don’t make it down there, come by and I’ll give you a package of whatever you want.

  3. notting hill?

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