The Food Coma.


November 26, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

My article still isn’t up on the City Wire. My guess is that Mike Tango took the weekend off. I cannot blame him. He works almost as much as I do. I unfortunately, will not be taking the weekend off. I’ve got to get a couple of restaurants in today in order to get ahead for the upcoming weeks.

Next weekend Le Duke and I are splitting the pots up and doing two separate shows. One in Little Rock, the Craft Guild Christmas Showcase, and one in Fayetteville, the Little Craft Show. This is the first time we’ve ever split up to do two shows, so we’re pretty excited about it. If it works out, I foresee many many more double shows in my future.

I’m getting around slowly this morning. Last night was our S.A.N.D. not-Thanksgiving dinner. And as always, I ate way too much. We all did. I was so excited about food, that I forgot to take photos. So no food shots this year. I was impressed that I stayed awake as long as I did. When I got home I passed right out and woke four hours later still lying on my back. I normally roll over right as I’m falling asleep. That’s a food coma for you. Why was I so exhausted? Because I never really stopped eating. For starters, Teacher Sis had slow-fried these shrimp in a pound of butter and hot sauce, and served them on little flower-shaped garlic crustinis. (Crus-Steenies?!) Holy fuck they were good. Then came the entree course when we ate a giant strip steak brought to us by Nicky the Cook and D-Man. Data K made these decadent twice-baked potatoes and Shamrock made his famous salad. I attacked the table with foil packets full of asparagus, goose fat, butter, and garlic. Oh, dear Batman, it was good.

After dinner, Nicky the Cook and Shamrock taught Kay-Kay to play Monopoly Junior. D-Man passed into a meat coma for a few hours. And Data K, Teacher Sis, and I managed to not talk about Harry Potter. All three were feats in and of themselves. Teacher Sis sent me a couple of photos she snagged on her phone. You know, so that the post isn’t ruined completely by my yammering.

After all of that fun, we looked through the wedding photos. I’m excited about actually getting copies of some them. There is this one of the entire bridal party screaming “Whoo!” in the RV that just sums up the whole event. Their photographer was worth every penny.

Okay, well I’m still not awake yet. So, I’m going to go drink some more coffee, poop a lot, and watch Star Trek until it is time for me to “go to work”. That just means eat lunch. Anyways, have a good weekend. More soon. ~SC


  1. Jessica says:

    GOOSEFAT uuuuunnnnnggggghhhh…

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