You Want How Much For That?


November 27, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

I’m slept in like a mofo this morning. Why? Because it is still Caturday for me. But, mainly because I stayed up late playing solitaire in a Unisom induced delirium. It was pretty awesome. I almost beat my high score, too.

Yesterday was a cloudy and rainy day. It was not inspirational at all. But sometimes you have to stop watching Star Trek and go to work. So, I did. We hit two restaurants yesterday so that I’d be ahead a little bit. The funny things is that Mike Tango emailed me last night to let me know that my new article won’t be going up until next Friday because of scheduling issues at the City Wire. So, that’s cool. Now I’ll have two weeks worth of articles ready for the weeks that follow.

After my lunches, Teacher Sis and I did a little half-hearted Grismas shopping. It was half-hearted because were kinda broke and the weather was gloomy at best. By the end of the day, though, she has managed to pick up something for Big D and we scored the Harry Potter edition of Scene It. We also scoped out a new cell phone that I need.

Note that I did not say want, but rather, need. It has become stupidly necessary for me to have a cell phone these days and if I’m going to have one, I need one that can keep up with my lifestyle. And by that I mean my inherent nature of destroying everything that I use. I have had my most recent cell phone less than a year and the paint is already worn off of most of the face. Recently, the speaker had come loose and now whenever you try to listen to someone talking to you it sounds like they are chewing aluminum foil as they are speaking. So, I switched to this $20 cell phone that works with my cell provider. It functions for my purpose. If you don’t consider the fact that it will randomly just shut off when you are talking. Like completely shut off. Not just drop the call.

So, I’ve asked for a new phone for Grismas. While Teacher Sis were out running around, we figured we would do the hard part and hunt for it so that we could just tell other people where to go and all they would have to do is show up and pay for it. Aren’t we sweet? Anyways, the long and short of it is that they are stupid expensive. The cheapest used one that we found here in town was $129. Which was the same price a new one costs if I renew my contract for another 2 years. No contract renewal? 300 bucks. I need a new phone, but not that badly. That’s like telling me that I have to eat a shit sandwich and then expecting me to pay 300 bucks for it. No thanks. I’ll just eat the jelly packets here on the table.

That said, if anybody out there has a Samsung Rugby lying around collecting dust, I’ll buy it off of you. This is not a request for a Grismas presnent. I’ll buy the thing from you. As I’ve stated already, Grismas is for the most part cancelled this year. I might make everybody a bottle of Mustabarbaranch, though. Man, that shit’s good.

Well, I’ve got to go retune my article for next week and watch a lot of Star Trek. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. More soon. ~SC


  1. Dave says:

    I could certainly put some mustarbarbaranch to use. King sized.

  2. jessica says:

    you can probably have the one we lent to rob that we had shut off, it’s a good phone. you have to get it from him though.

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