Crusty Knuckles.


December 28, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday started with me drinking a lot of coffee and ended with me being high on spray paint fumes.

I had a meeting with one of my many bosses yesterday morning about a new job opportunity. Nothing concrete yet, but I’ll keep you informed. Then it was back to the studio to trim bunches and bunches of soap and butter dishes. Then I imported CD’s onto Le Duke’s computer and uploaded them onto his iPod.

Then I talked on the phone for a while, to various people. And then I spray painted a bunch of picture frames for La Duchess. I might still be high, come to think of it. After rereading what I’ve written so far, it seems that this may be the case.

After work I made some boxed Cajun stuff for dinner, took a shower, watched StarTrek, and started researching stuff for this potential job. I’ve got a lot of learning to do if this thing pans out.

Today is probably going to be exciting and stressful. I will be balancing work on top of people coming in for a visit. The Rev. Dark Wombat should have arrived last night and Andi the Numbers should be arriving sometime later today. People!

I’m brain fried right now. I’d better go to work and make something with my very dry-skinned hands. More soon. ~SC

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