Friends, Schmiends.


December 29, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

I was woken up at 5am this morning by the birds squawking at Kingston. I might kill them. All three of them. It’s funny how quickly I, a 30 year old man, reverts to being a little kid when I’m sleepy. There was lots of huffing and pouting and yelling. I think I even managed to do that thing with my hands where you sort of sling your fists down while stomping one foot. Yeah. It’s a shame no saw it since the world was still completely dark.

So, Andi the Numbers and Squeaker are here. I haven’t heard from the Rev. Dark Wombat, yet. Last I heard from him was yesterday morning and he was still in Baton Rouge. But the girls are in for a few days, so I hung out with them last night. Or rather, all of Lippincottonia hung out with them last night. Lots of catching up and food. And relentless making fun of each other. That’s what are friends are for, right?

Finally, around 9pm, I had to come home. I had house stuff to do. Critters to feed and whatnot. Plus, I had been at work for nearly 13 hours, so it was time to go. Not that I was working for the majority of the time that I was there, but still. And then there’s that whole thing where I don’t really like being away from my house.

As far as work goes, I spent the major part of my day yesterday making blocks for the theater restoration. Le Duke and I went down to the site to help me get a better understanding of what I’m doing this for. It is pretty amazing to see these things in real life. I know that I’m being incredibly vague, but I’ll explain more when I can. Just know that I am making big ceramic blocks for a restoration of an old theater (cough, on 10th street, cough). If you wanted to see what I’m talking about and get the full scoop, come by the studio some time and I’ll tell you all about it.

Today, I’ve got to go to the bank for Jesus first thing. After that, no idea what I’m doing. Just know that there’d better be coffee waiting for me when I get there. Yes. You should pray that they have something exciting at the bank today. You know, for Jesus. More soon. ~SC


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