Should I Get “Born of Sin” Or “The Deathly Vortex”?


December 31, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Screw it. Get both.

I spent the majority of yesterday in a fog. Actually, I’ve spent a good deal of the past week in the fog. It’s like having a Brain Cloud. There’s nothing for it. I just have to try not to kill anyone while I’m driving a car.

Last night I took a long shower, made some pasta, and sort of watched Deathly Hallows : Part One. After that was over I started searching for stuff to use my $20 credit in iTunes on. I found this song:

What’s more Metal than old Metallica? Motorhead covering old Metallica. But I didn’t have any luck finding stuff that I wanted to buy. So, I switched from music to audiobooks. It was then that I fell into a trap. Under the section for books in the iTunes store there are audiobooks and ebooks. I was previewing a really terrible audiobook form of “Siddhartha” and noticed that you could download the ebook version for free. And before I knew it I had somehow found my way to the free ebooks section. All of them are free. I spent at least an hour digging through page after page of the 39123 free books that you can download. Granted, I only got the one book so far, but good God there are so many. Most of them have titles like the two in today’s post title. Some even have cover art featuring a very muscular cowboy standing there glistening in his hat with no shirt on and the sun is setting behind him. Beware the dangers of the bottomless pit of free ebooks.

Also, the Rev. Dark Wombat showed me a little teaser clip for this new anime he has got for me. I’ll tease you, too.

Apparently the whole show is like that. If you’ve had anything like the year I’ve had, I’m sure you could probably use a little insane anime humor too.

Okay, so today is the Playaz Ball. I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to be much more awesome than we had assumed. Anyways, I’ll see you there. More soon. ~SC


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