I’ve Got Blisters. On My Temporal Bone.


January 29, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

Are you tired of mugs yet? Not nearly as tired of them as I am. Let me assure you. I made an addition 75 yesterday. That brings my count to 125. Only 275 left to go. Ugh. I worked from about 7:30am yesterday until around noon, when I went with Word to Me to get a haircut. Then it was lunch on assignment and back to work. I got home from mean muggin’ around 10pm. At which point I ate a quesadilla, uploaded the Daily Photo, and hit the sack.

My prediction about being able to sleep was pretty accurate last night. Not so much the night before. Still many trials left to run before the results will be conclusive.

I do have some good news to report. Early this week, possibly even last weekend, my battery charger for my electronic cigarette died. This has been most stressful. Since then I’ve been limping along using my “personal charger case” which works, but it is not nearly as efficient as a wall charger. So, I ordered myself a new wall charger and a USB charger on Monday and have been patiently (read as impatiently) awaiting their arrival. And what do you know? They showed up yesterday.

Last weekend I had also picked up a new set of headphones. I’ve been dealing with a headphone crisis for a while now. The set that Dave gave me will not stay in my ears. The cheap ones that I bought to replace those have already burned out. So, new headphones were in order. I picked up a set of Sony headphones that wrap around the back of your head and sit “comfortably” on your ears. I will agree that they sit comfortably on your ears. They do not however sit comfortably on the bone that is behind your ear. This slight discomfort might be tolerable if you wore them, say, and hour to watch a video on your computer. Working 8-12 hours in them will produce a swollen red spot on the side of your head that looks like some kind of communicable disease.

After a day of wearing them, I rushed home and ordered some more of the tried and true women’s earbuds that have become my staple ear gear. They also saved me from torture yesterday when they appeared along side my chargers.

Today I don’t plan on tormenting myself with another 10-12 hour slag of mug making. It is Sunday. Not that I plan on resting today or anything, but I’ve got shit to do. Grocery shopping, laundry, article writing, homework, etc.

That said, I need to get to mugging. Enjoy your restful remainder of the weekend. More soon. ~SC


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