No, I’ll Take You Out.


January 30, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

So, apparently yesterday’s post was number 1000. Hooray!

Yesterday wasn’t nearly as stupid as I had expected it to be. I made mugs. Sure. But I also got to hang out with Teacher Sis briefly. There were tacos involved. I also purchased the last of the Garbage Pail Kids in town. I can’t find anymore. But, it is okay. I completed my general collection yesterday. I am still short a couple of the 3D cards and a couple of the Adam cards, but I’ll get those in time.

After work, and tacos, and GPK cards, I headed home in the Royal family’s car. I made a meager grocery list and headed off to the store to pick up the week’s supplies. I spend more on pet food than I do on myself these days. Food-wise anyway. GPK cards get expensive, but whatever. As I was doing my quick run through of WalMart*, my phone rang. It was JoJo. He was inquisitive concerning my whereabouts. He had a presnent for me. I told him where I was and he met me in the parking lot after my groceries were paid for. I fucking L-O-V-E presnents. He and I had been talking about this book for a while now and he found it on a clearance rack and snagged it for me. Isn’t he sweet? Anyway, I’ll stop being vague now and show it to you.

Get it? It holds and organizes your take out menus. It is ideal for me because I get one at almost every place I eat at for assignments. I used to have a giant pile of them that littered my desk. So, I chunked them. Now I can keep them very organized in that OCD way that I do things. Plus, it helps control the chaos. That’ll come in handy.

After that excitement, I headed home, dropped off my groceries and headed over to Dave and Little Miss Cotton’s for a movie and Hok-sghetti. There was also this:

So. Very. Metal. I mean, they’re called Blood Tsunami for chrissakes.

Also, there was this:

I’m glad I wasn’t high when I watched Human Highway because I don’t know if I could have handled it. Note to self, Neil Young makes insane 80s movies.

I’m also a little disappointed that no one reminded me to take my geography quiz. I just barely remembered in time to take it this morning.

Okay, well today is Monday. That means mugs, math, and microbes. Have a wonderful week. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Trust me, being high actually helped.

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