The End Of The World As I Know It.


January 31, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

Last night, after class, I went to bake some frozen biscuits for my breakfasts this week. I’m on a bit of a sausage biscuit kick, you see. Anyways, I turned the oven onto “preheat” and went to work on some other more depressing stuff. When I came back, the light was off. This normally means that the oven is done preheating and is ready for me to bake something delicious inside of it. As I went to insert the pan of biscuits into the oven, I noticed that it really wasn’t that hot. That’s weird. As it turns out, it wasn’t hot at all. It was, in fact, busted. My oven is broken. The range top still works thankfully, but still. My one escape from the horrors of this world was baking. And now that has been taken away from me, too. Dammit. At least I still have Harry Potter.

So, I put in a “work order” to my land lord to fix it. By that I mean that I called Teacher Sis whining and she asked Lord Steel Bear to come by sometime today and fix it. You’d better start praying to Batman now that he can fix it. I’d hate to have to go shopping for a stove this weekend and ruin my plans. Currently, my plan is to finish the Adair Ya mugs sometime this week, leaving me free to play this weekend. Teacher Sis and I are planning a trip to the track. The horse track. It is on my Bucket List. We’re planning a day at the races. Costumes required.

If I have to cancel my trip to the races to buy a stove it will suck, but on the bright side, I might treat myself to a new gas stove rather than replacing the electric one. I’ve been wanting one of those, but I hadn’t planned on getting one this week.

As far as mug making goes, I’m mere millimeters away from the 200 mark. I’ve got to make a few extra of the tumblers for good measure and then I can get started on the big mugs. They are the time consuming ones. Luckily, Le Duke will have to suffer alongside me on those. He is the one that puts handles on them. Heh heh heh.

We got “shamed” by our professor in food micro last night. Apparently, our homework was appalling and he took mercy on us just this once. But he shamed us nonetheless. I apparently don’t think enough like a microbe for my own good. Must work on that. You see, pathogenic microbes cause diarrhea in you because they need water to survive. By making your large intestine gush water rather than absorb it, they create a comfy place to live. I hope you are eating your breakfast as you are reading this. Anyway, things to do this week: Think more like a bacteria.

Also, I feel a little sad that no one sent me any ideas for cookies. Was my little rant too scientific? Or was it just too plain old scatter brained to be coherent? I still think it is worthy of becoming scientific law whether you like it or not.

Well, I’m off to make stuff. More soon. ~SC


  1. Dave says:

    Hot Brown cookies for the end times.

  2. TeacherSis says:

    I want cookies.

    I think you should try pecans, dark chocolate, coconut.
    Also: peanuts and rolos (therefore pecans and rolos would be the bombdotcom)

  3. Jessica says:

    Cookies are for the weak. Google “slutty brownies”.

  4. Duchess says:

    Well we do have that great gas cook top and an electric oven microwave.

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