It’s Like A Tube Of Toothpaste Filled With Marbles.


March 26, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

Well, I’m home for the day. We made it back safely last night around 6:30pm. At which point, I set my stuff down and went to mow the grass. I figured I wouldn’t have another chance before I leave on Tuesday and it was getting kinda tall. Anyways, after mowing, I set out to unpack my crap, do some laundry, and repack my crap for the next round of adventure.

But let’s give some closing statements about this most recent trip before we get all excited about this next one. The nine plus hours coming home were spent in mostly silence. Not that the radio wasn’t on, but we 3 were pretty wiped out and fed up with being tethered to one another. Somewhere around an hour from home, my weekend of junk food and an inconsistent pooping schedule caught up with me and I got the cramps from Hell. But other than that, the ride back home was super smoove.

A little ways away from Houston, there’s this giant statue in honor of Sam Houston. Peep it:

And this is me trying to climb it:

See what I mean? It’s friggin’ huge.

That was about the most exciting thing we did all day.

Today is a crazy day. For one, I have Prop Ninja’s car. I am using it to get to the airport bright and early tomorrow, so they gave it to me last night in case I need to do stuff beforehand. Like throw a hooker down a well, so that no one can ever find her. Or go to WalMart* to buy snacks or something. Mainly I’m using it to get to and from work today.

Le Duke and I are supposed to be installing the nightmare of a fountain we’ve been working on for a year at some point this morning. Then we’re supposed to head to Seasaw Shawn’s for the welding stuff we were supposed to do a week and change ago.

After work, I’ve got tutoring. Then class tonight. After class it is packing o’clock and trying to get some rest before I head to the airport at 4:30am. Why? Because I’m going to JAPAN!

Lots to do today and I’d better get to it. More soon. ~SC

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