1. A Running Commentary (In My Head).


    March 24, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

    I’d like to start today’s post by wishing Le Duke lots of luck tonight at his CD release party. Hold …
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  2. Everywhere I Go, It Rains On Me.


    March 23, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

    It’s Friday. Once Again. That means my new article is up on the City Wire. If you’d care to read …
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  3. If I Fall (Asleep) In The Woods, And No One Is Around To Hear Me…


    March 22, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

    Sorry for the delay on the post this morning. I had to run to the bank for Jesus first thing …
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  4. Simply Made Plans.


    March 21, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

    The idea was that we’d all stay up all night. This was not well thought out. More soon. ~SC

  5. You And Your Grubby Little Nubs.


    March 20, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

    Yesterday. Wow. Maybe the most frustrating day ever. I think the gloomy weather, the lack of sleep, and the illogical …
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