A Woman After My Own Heart.


April 29, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday was a normal Caturday for me. I went shopping. I ate on assignment. I watched the two episodes of Bones on Teacher Sis’s DVR. At some point I got home and was supposed to be working on my final exam, but of course that just meant that I was watching videos on Youtube instead. I had been jonesing to hear Igor Presnyakov play “Fade to Black” so off I went to watch it. What then happened was that the video watching spiraled out of control until I fell in love. With this woman:

I don’t know much about her other than her name is Vika Yermolyeva and that she is an award winning classical pianist who decided to try something else. And she rocked it. And she’s after my heart.

Laugh it up Little Miss Cotton, but she’s after Dave’s heart as well:

Go to her Youtube page. She’s after all of our hearts. Especially mine.

It’s like watching a video that’s been sped up so that it appears kind of jerky. Like the credits on the Benny Hill show. To take my mind off of my new Norse Metal Goddess girlfriend (you don’t know her), Dave sent me this to bring me back to Earth:

Thanks Dave.

Today is Sunday. I’m working on wrapping this post up and then it is article time. And then it’s final exam time. Gotta do your homework if you wanna go out and play with your friends. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. More soon. ~SC


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