It’s Like A Time Void.


April 28, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

So, yesterday was a lo-o-o-o-o-ong day. I spent most of it at this computer. I researched some school stuff, but for the most part, I worked on my food micro final exam. I spent about two and half hours finding a job in the food/microbiology industry, writing cover letters, and working on a resume for the job.

One question down of three. To reward myself, I baked another one of those pecan/sour cream pound cakes using my swanky new bundt pan. This time around the cake was beautiful. After cake o’clock I went over to see Jackie the Mick and do a half hearted search for a car. And then my whole heart got drawn into the fray. For I found a car. And when I test drove it, it took me back to the glory days of my Buick. Ah, good times. Check it out:

Isn’t it beautiful? (sigh)

Anyways, I ended up not buying it because the guy doesn’t have a title in hand at the moment. I told him that if he’s still got the car when the title comes in to call me and I’ll buy it. It has a tape deck. (moan)

After shopping for cars it was dinner time and back to work on my final. So, of course it was back to the innernet to look for stuff not related to my final exam. That’s when I found this:

How badass is that? If you want to buy it for me, click here.

Also, Zaxxon found a bunch of old photos when he was cleaning out his car. This gem was among them:

Is your mind blown? Well, it should be. Note that I have cut on my face next to my nose. I remembered that had been bitten in the face by one of Le Duke’s dogs one night when I was really drunk and it just wouldn’t stop bleeding. And then I made out with some seventeen year old chick with my crusty blood drunk face. Good times. Anyway, that’s the cut on my face. Jeezus.

All in all I managed to pull my shit together and finish another one of my questions for the final. Two down, one to go. So, to reward myself for finishing another question, I headed over to the Dave/Little Miss Cotton household with Oxi to “bubble” (play New Super Mario Bros.) until about 2:30am. And then we all passed out. That’s why this post is going up later than usual. Because I just got home.

What’s on the plate for today? Looks like a pretty laid back day so far. Lunch on assignment more than likely. Probably, maybe, definitely some Bones. Clearance and grocery shopping is happening too.

I should probably go poop before Teacher Sis gets here. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. More soon. ~SC


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