Like A Punch In My Soul.


April 26, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

A word to the wise, don’t ever eat chili for a day and then follow it the next day with Marathon Bars. It’s rough. I crashed hard with a migraine and the terribly painful swollen belly farts. Bad news Kathy. I know him.

Yeah, that's pretty much what my head felt like.

To recover from my crash, I popped some Advil, took the hottest shower I could stand, took a walk (to get the farts out), and spent the rest of the evening drinking mint tea and dueling on Pottermore. It’s like crack.

For the most part, yesterday was spent glazing tile. I spent a couple of hours coming up with tests to run and then I made lots of test tiles. Then I base glazed a crap ton of the tiles to await decoration. You know, once the tests come out. Other than that, I waited for news about school stuff. The only nugget I got was from my draftsman informing me of a meeting that he has this morning with a new architect. He rocks. My draftsman, that is. Cross your fingers that the new architect is kick ass and gets us rolling again. Are they crossed? Crossed.

I should have worked on my final exam, but I felt like crap so I procrastinated once again. Looks like I’ll be spending my weekend doing homework. Lame. I am going to try to go by the school on Friday to take my geography final, though. For whatever that’s worth.

Today is another day of running around like a crazy person. I’m helping Le Duke this morning. School research stuff this afternoon. And then Date Night tonight.

Well, I’m a crazy person and have to run now. More soon. ~SC


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