On The Road Again (For The First Time).


April 27, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

Hey friends! It is Friday. That means my new article is up on the City Wire. If you’d care to read it, click here: Cravin’ Catfish. If you wouldn’t care to read it, click here: Not Cravin’ Catfish.

So, as some of you know, my loving friends left me a present on my front lawn yesterday.

With friends like these, who needs pink clown enemies?

So, I meticulously collected all of that toilet paper, the stuff I could reach, and I made my friends a presnent.

On a sadder note, my friends over at Yee-Haw Industries in Knoxville have announced that they are closing their doors. You have until April 30th to place an order (and buy me a presnent). If you’d like to shop around, click here.

Yesterday was relatively uneventful. After all of my work and school nonsense, I headed over with Zaxxon to meet up with Jam Master Jeff at the Movie Lounge. For those of you who are unaware, The Movie Lounge is a restaurant/theater that just opened up. It is badass to the nth degree. JMJ is the “beverage coordinator” or something like that and he had arranged for us a little private viewing room. We watched an old favorite and then recorded a podcast right there in the theater. It was awesome. Once we get it published on the site, JMJ is going to try and get the Movie Lounge to sponsor the show. Won’t that be excellent? I’ll keep you posted on the details.

Today is a stay at home and work day. Well, that’s the plan right now anyway. I need to go by the college and take my final for geography, but we’ll see if I manage to get the motivation to do that. I also plan on working on my food micro final today. And of course the new school stuff. I’m also supposed to get paid today.

Well, I guess I should probably get my butt in gear. Have a great weekend. More soon. ~SC


  1. Dave says:

    Zaxxons a dagon turncoat is what.


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