Did You Get Bitten By A WereBat? Seriously?!


May 29, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

Ugh. Getting up early, and I mean before the sun comes up, is for the birds. I haven’t had to be up this early in a while. And I remember now that I don’t think it is unstupid. Why am I up so early? Batman only knows. Oh, wait he just sent me a text message letting me know why. Apparently, I have class this morning. Ugh again. School’s back in session. Man, next spring can’t get here soon enough. I’m so over college. Like, totally.

So, yeah, first day of classes. My first class is a Special Education course about the neuroscience of various ways people have learning needs and modes. The other class is my professional development course where I learn valuable skills such as how to send an email and use the fax machine. Double ugh.

The best part about all of this is that I have about a three and a half hour break in between the two classes. Just enough time to have meetings. Shoot me. On second thought, don’t shoot me. Just bring me some coffee. Lots of cream, lots of sugar. Maybe a maple donut as well.

After both classes and the various meetings I’m squeezing in between them, the Rev. Dark Wombat and I are shooting arrows, weather permitting. Did I mention the thunderstorms? No? Well, there are thunderstorms. After arrows it’s chow time and back to finding the path. This might be the last time we get to play with Little Miss Cotton before she leaves on Friday. I take two aspirin and ready my fists.

Is it really time to go? Dammit. Well, I hope you have a wonderful day. More soon. ~SC


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