May 28, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

That’s a good word to describe the foods that I “invent”. Like Mustabarbaranch. Everything in your brain tells you that it should be gross, but Dave and I proved your brain wrong. That shit’s good. I really need to become a LLC or something so that I can start copyrighting all of these names and phrases. Note to self: hire an attorney to handle that stuff. And a secretary to bring me coffee and type the daily posts.

I’m a little scatterbrained this morning. It’s Monday, what did you expect? Just because you got the day off, doesn’t mean my brain has stopped observing the Monday tradition of being absolutely worthless. And in keeping with tradition, I need to go work in Lippincottonia today. Why? Because it is Monday and we work on Mondays in Lippincottonia. Plus, I blew off my duties on Friday because Conchita was cleaning and I was exhausted. So, yeah, got go work on bill stuff. Hey, it wouldn’t really be a Monday holiday if I didn’t have to work, right?

After a few hours of work in Lippincottonia, I need to go pick up some more arrows. Why? Well, because like all things that I come in contact with, I destroyed the ones I bought recently. Maybe, I’ll shoot a few rounds today, while I’m at it. Yeah, I like where this is going. Archery as a reward for working on a Monday holiday.

Then, later today, Pathfinder. We are going to try and play every day this week, time permitting, because Little Miss Cotton leaves Friday for New Orleans. And then Batman only knows when we’ll get to play this campaign again. I specified this campaign because we will be starting another game. In this new game, the Rev. Dark Wombat will handing the reins of DM-ing to Jackie the Mick, and will be rolling in with the rest of us.

All right, well, I should probably get to it. Have a wonderful barbeque or whatever it is you people do to remember fallen soldiers and whatnot. More soon. ~SC


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