For Even More Delicious This Drink Chill Before Drinking.


June 30, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

That was written on the back of my melon soda. Yeah, let that sink in.

Oh, so much to cover today. First off, my new article made it up onto the City Wire. Click here to read it: Devils For Life!

Okay, get ready to have your mind blown with insane-o crossover action. This first video has got Hannah from My Drunk Kitchen, the Sauce Boss from Epic Meal Time, and Michael Voltaggio ala Top Chef all bowling against Team Nerdist. It hurts my brain:

Yeah. Insane. Next up, we’ve got a ridiculously cute video that Teacher Sis sent me:

So cute.

So, in the midst of the craziness that was yesterday, I had a few guests here on Holliday Island. And by guests, I mean prisoners:



The Eye Collector.

Yeah, trapping people in ice is fun for me. And torture for them. Mwhahahaha…

On the agenda for today is a bit of clearance shopping with Teacher Sis. After that, I must gather ingredients. “Ingredients for what?” You might ask yourself. For 5 glorious gallons of Suffering Bastards. Tonight we are having a bit of a trip down memory lane over at the Furious/Mick household. We’re making a lot of punchy booze drink and going to look through old photos as a sort of send off for Dave. If you are reading this, you are welcome to come. Bring friends. That’s a lotta booze.

And on that note, let the suffering begin. Have a drunk weekend. More soon. ~SC


  1. Zaxxon says:

    I want to come. love you dave…..!!!!!

  2. Jessica says:

    I suffered. I think.

  3. Le Duc says:

    Common, welcome me back!

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