You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry.


June 27, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

Do you ever just get angry? I mean really angry. For no good reason. I did yesterday. I tried rationalizing my way out of it. The hot weather makes me cranky. Or my class is stressing me out. In reality, I was just angry. Maybe at the world. Maybe at myself. Who knows? I was just mad as Hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore.

And as quickly as the anger came, it was gone. I didn’t do anything about it, it just left. We can look back on this moment later on and see that this was a warning sign or something I’m sure. Anyways, after the anger subsided, all I wanted to do was listen to horrible depressing music. Stuff like this:

And this:

Yeah. It was depressing. Okay, one more:

This was when it started changing direction again:

All of those dudes were holding their mouths right. Two drummers, that’s how much Gary Clark Jr. rocks it.

Enough of that silliness. I think you get the point. It was angry. Then, it was depressing. Then, it was defiant. That was Tuesday. Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is a work day. There are things to be done. Articles to proof. Homework to revise. Targets to arrow. And bagels and Math. Dave sent me this yesterday:

Andi the Numbers wants to know just exactly how much more cream cheese it holds. You can’t just leave us Math nerds hanging like that.

Anyways, I hope you all have a stress-free and relaxing day. I’m going to go take some nerve tonic and get to work. More soon. ~SC


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