It Beats Bobbing For Apples In Pee.


July 31, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday just flew by. One minute I was drinking coffee at 8 in the morning and the next minute it was bed time.

Funny how that happens sometimes. I wish that I could tell you that between the two moments was nonstop excitement, but no. I went to my meeting first off the bat. Then, I ate some yakisoba and headed to Der Staples with Teacher Sis and Prop Ninja to snag some school supply sale mechanical pencils for Pathfinder. Then home again. Prop Ninja took this of Kingston upon returning me to Holliday Island:

Isn’t he the most hansomest boy in the world?

After that little adventure, I made some tea in order to stay awake. Then, I headed over to the Rev. Dark Wombat’s to drop off his bow and quiver of arrows. He needed to escape, so I snagged him and we headed to run a few errands. Then, I made penne with meat sauce and garlic bread for us and Maruberu Gaaru. That was about it for the day. See? I told you it wasn’t exciting. And today doesn’t look any better. I’ve got to write next week’s article and make an invoice for articles. Doesn’t that sound mind blowingly awesome? Yeah, no. I’ll be lucky to make it all the way to archery practice without having to take a nap. I’m already contemplating taking one after I finish this post.

And on that note, I’m outta here. More soon. (yawwwwwn) ~SC


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