Permission Granted.


August 1, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

I’d like to start out today’s post by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Pancake Land. Be sure to wish her one as well.

Can you believe that it is already August? Where did July go? Now that August has arrived, it can get hot. I mean really hot. That is what Arkansas does in August. And then the storms begin. From the way I hear it, we’ve got a good chance of rain today. August isn’t wasting any time. Good for you.

Speaking of exciting things happen this month, I got an email from my friend Tom yesterday. The subject line read “Permission to come aboard?” and the body of the email was just this photo:

Whatever he’s got up his sleeve, permission is definitely granted. Holy crap! That’s next Tuesday. Taco Planet, it is your personal mission, should you choose to accept it, to call me and let me know what is happening because I will be out of innernet range when he sends more info about this mysterious business.

What’s on the agenda for today? Well, it’s the first, so it’s payday, hopefully. And then, I’ve got a bit of stuff to do for Le Duke. I think I’m making a theater block and a couple of prototype mugs for slip casting. The Rev. Dark Wombat and I also need to go to the Asian supermarkets today. And the idea of me taking a shower at some point isn’t a bad one, either.

I’m going to get ready for today’s Augustian adventures. Have a wonderful day. More soon. ~SC


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