It’s Like The Edmund Fitzgerald And The Hesperus Are Fighting…


November 30, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

. . .To see who gets to wreck your underpants.

That is what happens when you spend your Thursday eating bean burritos and then dump chili on top of it.

Happy Friday all. It just so happens to be that Friday. The one when my new article goes up on the City Wire. Unfortunately, it’s not up on there yet. So, instead, I’ll share the newest post from my friend Deinonychus. It is comedy gold.

Also, I’ve added the newest episode of the Pathfinders for your listening enjoyment.

Somehow, it is already the end of November. And with it comes a Baggie defeat at the hands of Swansea. We were on a roll. It is probably good that we got humbled again. We can’t have this recent run of crushing victories going to our heads. Especially with David Beckham leaving the LA Galaxy and house shopping in London. Rumors are spreading about Premier League clubs having offers on the table to him. Furious Jessy has all of her fingers and toes crossed hoping that Man U gets him. Unfortunately it won’t be in time for him to stop West Brom from crushing Man U on the 29th of December. The match in May will be a different story, though.

Alas, with the end of November comes the end of the semester. And that means today is officially the last of the Fabulous Football Fridays for my history class. Not for you and me, but for the class. Tomorrow, WBA will face Stoke City at the Hawthorns. Pray to Batman that we bounce back on our home turf and send the Potters running back to mama with tears in their eyes and defeat in their hearts.

After class this morning, I am heading to Underground Ink to help distribute invitations for the annual holiday Open House (next Thursday from 2-5pm). All are welcome to join us.

Tomorrow, I had visions of a restful day of catching up onĀ Bones and getting a hair cut. Those visions were dashed when I remembered that I have class this weekend. Dammit. Next weekend, then. Ah, next weekend. I will be out of school for a month. So much to do in that month. I have a house to reorganize and books about modern science to read. And about a million other things. But, there is no time to fantasize about all of the things that I have procrastinated on. Not just yet. I have stuff to handle first.

On that note, I should probably head to class. I hope all of you have a great weekend. Except for you Stoke fans out there. I hope you have a crumby weekend, filled with mending your wounded pride. Boing Boing Baggies! More soon. ~SC

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  1. Deinonychus says:

    Funny. When you link me in your site, my stats skyrocket. Ha!
    Coincidence? I think not. You’re just more popular, much like my boxed wine.

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