Woody Harrelson Steals The Show, Once Again.


November 26, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

But, we’re not here to talk about him.

Yesterday, after doing laundry and emptying the trash, and feeding the dogs, and shopping for groceries, I finally knuckled down and worked on my homework assignment. Yes, the one that I have known about for a month now. And yes, the one that was due before midnight last night. And the assignment took me five minutes to do. It was well worth procrastinating on.

Since I had accomplished all that I needed to do yesterday, I figured that I deserved a reward. I haven’t been on a date in a while, so I called up my new girlfriend, and we went to the movies. And by went to the movies, I mean we put short pants and robes on and hung out in my office. Just me and my girlfriend Mila Kunis:

She’s from Ukraine, you wouldn’t know her.

Yeah, so I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall then I watched Friends With Benefits. If I owned any other ridiculous romantic comedies with her in it, I probably would have watched those as well. Well, maybe not. I had started getting a headache by the end of the second movie. I have got to get new glasses. This is getting ridiculous.

Today is a day of working on stuff. No, wait, scratch that. That would be silly. I do have class at 11. Then, I probably should eat on assignment at some point. You know, so that I could write my article for this week. Ugh, eating. It just sounds gross right now. Tonight, we return to the gym. Hopefully. Maybe more movies after that. We shall see.

Well, the poop gods are beckoning me to make an offering, so I must heed the call. More soon. ~SC


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