Oh Crap…


March 31, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

I almost forgot to make a post.

Hi friends. Sorry about the delay, I’ve had a busy morning. Doing stuff is time consuming. I haven’t been doing anything too exciting, mostly house stuff. Shower, laundry, cleaning the kitchen, etc.

Yesterday was quite the day of getting cool stuff. I collected the birthday presnent haul together at some point and it looked like this:


I had already taken the photo before Back Alley Trey gave me four records to add to my collection: the “Jungle Love” 45 by Morris Day and the Time, Talking Heads “Speaking In Tongues”, New Edition’s “Candy Girl”, and the Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”. I rolled an 18 for that, just so’s you know.

In addition to the birthday treasures, I made out like a bandit when it came to additional loot both from the shopping trip yesterday and Teacher Sis’s NOLA trip:


Yes, those are Michael Jackson stickers. No, you can’t have them.

In addition to that fun, I found this in the yard the other day and kept forgetting to post it on here:


This is our future. We are all doomed.

Let’s see, what else fun happened? Ah, well, I wouldn’t call it fun, but West Brom lost to West Ham 3-1 yesterday. Lame. We really need to pull our shit together. Odemwingie, you need to stop being such a dick.

Okay, well, I’d better go get started on my 3-5 page paper for my leadership class. It is due in a few hours, after all. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Aww SNAP got the ZAPPS! I’m addicted to the voodoo flavor.

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