It’s Astounding.


May 29, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

Time is fleeting. Madness takes its toll.

Yesterday, I got roped into inadvertently doing the time warp. Again. I was asked to do a super secret photo shoot of this new production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, you might say that me writing about it makes it not super secret, but then I respond: I am not showing you the photos.

Anyway, I spent about three hours, over the course of the shoot, playing catch up with four women, each representing a different time period of my life as a thespian. One from junior high school, one from senior high school, one from early college, and one from present day. All of them hanging out together. With a guy in make-up and a corset. In one smoky room of a bar.

And I was a thread that ran through all of their lives. And somehow, I haven’t slept with any of them. Not then, nor now. It was strange to catch up with them as a collective. What was more strange was their conversations. This whole life that I wasn’t involved in but they were. It was fascinating.

It actually seemed like I was in a play. The long lost friend who wandes back into their lives as a photographer for a show they are putting on together and the weird realization that they all know me from different times in their lives. I think that would probably have been the kind of play I would have written, had I written plays. Not too much happens. The characters smoke and drink and swear a lot. A D20 gets rolled at some point to determine who goes to the car to get the other bag of make-up.

I’ll eventually show you the photos. At east some of them. I took around 275 of them. A few are bound to be website worthy. That reminds me. I need to dig through the past few weeks of photos and put them up on here. Dammit.

Well, I’ve got to go be a tutor. You know, my job. More soon. ~SC


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