May 30, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

I like the dictionary.

Sometimes I look up words. I refused to own one for a long time, out of spite mainly. Now I have a huge one. The Rev. Dark Wombat got it for me for Grismas one year, out of spite mainly.

This morning, I was thinking that if that I was going to be a serial killer, I might do it ala the Gashlycrumb Tinies. Which got me thinking about ennui. You know, for Neville. Poor Neville. So, I looked up ennui via an online dictionary, rather than hauling out the big book. This sample sentence made me laugh:

“When the antiproton was discovered … it sent a wave of ennui through the physics community. Not that its discovery was unimportant, but on the basis of Dirac’s theory, everybody expected it.” —Roger G. Newton, The Truth of Science, 1997

What a big “fuck you” to the antiproton. Dirac, whoever you are, I hope the antiproton punches you in the face.

Yesterday, I wanted to punch Dirac in the face. Or anybody else, really. I was having a great day of watching Bones in my office and chatting with Teacher Sis while she watched Bones at her house. And then people got up in my bidness. And made me upset.

Then, Deinonychus came by with her friend to fix the Apple Tv. Hooray for fixing things! Hey, wait. Her friend has never been here before. Ha!



I’m a time-travelling wizard.

I need more coffee before I go to the bank for Jesus. I love you Mary Jane. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Lucky says:

    P.A.M (Paul) Dirac – responsible for the Dirac Equation, which made the Schrodinger equation relativistic. It also had some new implications for particle spin, the most interesting being antimatter, and thus the antiproton. I’m sure you knew all that, I’m just posting for the laymen in the crowd.

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