Can You Draw A Kidney Coming Out Of A Treasure Chest With The Icing?


August 28, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

Um… let me go check with my boss.

So, yesterday was Back Alley Trey’s birthday. It was also dinner night at the Rev. Dark Wombat’s place. How convenient. Since we knew the horde would be there with their mouths open, ready to devour anything we put in front of them, the Rev. and I thought we’d better pick up a cake. Sure, IZA was making cupcakes and sure, Beer and River Tail were baking “something”, but I’ve seen how this group eats.

The Rev. and I did the unthinkable, we went to the Mall. To order a cookie cake. As we were standing there waiting for our turn to order, we brainstormed about what to say on the cake. And then inspiration struck.

“What would like for decoration on the cake?”

“Can you draw a human kidney coming out of a treasure chest?”

“Um… let me go check with my boss.”



“My boss says she can do it.”


What would like the message to say?”

The Rev. and I look at each other.

“Make it say ‘Happy Birthday Troy’.”

And they did:


And then we made B.A.T. eat the icing kidney to gain its power.

He has health problems.

He has health problems.

In other exciting news, WBA beat the crap out of Newport 3-0 yesterday. Were they Boinging? They were Boinging.

Also, apparently, they’ve discovered a new element. As in, on the periodic table of elements. Google it.

And twice in a matter of minutes, I heard two different Metallica songs played on classical string instruments on NPR this morning. It is going to be a weird day.

So, make it a good weird one. Not a creepy weird one. More soon. ~SC



  1. Dave says:

    I am at a cafe laughing embarassingly loud at this post. Fuck em. This is some funny shit. I absolutely lost it when I saw the caption for the Trey pic. Happy birthday Troy!

  2. Chuy says:

    That pic is classic Troy.

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