A Day Of Great Feasting.


September 22, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

Only leads to a food hangover.

I feel like crap this morning.

I celebrated West Brom’s 3-0 win over Sunderland yesterday by feasting. I ate a big lunch with Word to Me. And four hours later I ate again at Rosco the Furious Mick’s birthday. Pizza and chocolate cake. And a Coke. The Coke was too much.

Two hours after that I found myself eating again at the S.A.N.D. meeting. Leg of lamb and fried green tomatoes and pesto potato salad and salami and dill havarti. And that decadent banana pudding cake.

By the time bedtime rolled around, I rolled into bed with my belly swollen and firm like a backwards turtle shell. I woke up late this morning, stiff and with a headache. Too much. I took too much.

But I did manage to take a lot of great photos yesterday. Even in my food-drunken state.

Behold the cuteness:


So effing squishy. I might throw up.

Today I was going to be productive. I still might be. Once this headache goes away.

Ugh. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. That’s an order. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Holy squishes! When the heck did that baby get so grows up?

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