Game On.


September 28, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

Let the fun begin.

First thing this morning, I have to head over to Praetoria. Like, soon. Why? This is why:



The classic battle between me and a plate of sausages. The match is going to be interesting, of course. But let’s be serious, Man United is probably going to win. Unless we draw 5-5 again. Which is unlikely, so let’s just focus on these delicious bangers.

(I am secretly deceiving you into believing that I am resigned to my fate of losing to Man U, but really I am just eating all of your food and rooting for WBA to kick the living shit out of your club. Mwhahaha…)

In other news, Furious Jessy pointed me at Night Vale. It’s like NPR from the Twilight Zone. Check it out. Don’t believe me? Here’s a quote.

“Can you believe that he said that he used ancient Indian magic? What an asshole.”

Or maybe:

“Are we safe from dinosaurs? No way.”

Still no? Fine:

“The future is here, and it’s about a hundred feet above the Arby’s.”

Yeah. The future.

Mmm… Arby’s.

If you can’t tell, I’m hungry. I have normally eaten something by now, but I’m saving myself for English breakfast.

After the match today, I am probably going to have to fake being hungry in order to go to lunch with Word to Me. Maybe some running around with Teacher Sis. And pray to Batman that we play some Pathfinder tonight. Rumor has it, we will be playing the Rev. Dark Wombat’s campaign. Two words. Larry. Jenkins.

Alright. I have to go get my Boing on.

More soon. Man U are tossers. ~SC

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  1. Chuy says:


    West Brom and Aston Villa are in the top 10.

    And Man Utd isn’t.

    It might not last long, but it’s nice `til then.

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