October 28, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

I don’t think that words means what you think it means.

Ugh. It’s Monday again. And that means going back to work. Double ugh.

After a week off, I didn’t want to get up this morning. Not in that “I spent a week not setting an alarm” kind of way, but in that “can I have just a few more days off?” kind of way. I really don’t want to do anything today. It is dark and foggy this morning. The perfect sleeping all day kind of day.

Not the get up and be productive kind of morning.

I haven’t actually heard from my student yet. I am hoping that maybe he felt the same way and has “accidentally” slept in. He’s good like that.

Oops! I forgot to set my alarm in my jet-lagged stupor. Better sleep until noon.

Not even YouTube has got anything productive for me this morning. I’ll have to dig a little deeper for a video to tide you over since I am rambling about not wanting to do anything this morning.

Holy shit. New Captain America trailer is out! Peep it:

Oh. All right. I’m going to work now.

See ya’ tomorrow. More soon. ~SC

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