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October 16, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

Yeah. Let that sink in.

So much has happened since I couldn’t post yesterday. Such as the website being back up.

Yeah. Whoa. Look out.

No seriously, Back Alley Trey made a new post full of terrible things he found on the innernet. You can be punished by him and the entire innernet if you click here.

Also, after a bit of finagling, I managed to get my button making gear to work properly. And the great merchandise war has officially begun.


After bruising my hand from making buttons, it was time to take Beer to get her grown-up photos made. She needs them for her resumé. Don’t think about it too hard. They require a photo with your job application in Japan. So that they can discriminate against you based on your appearance. This is what happens.

You go from this:


To this:


Yes, I am aware that it looks like the kind of photo you would see here:


Don’t worry, I’m already incorporating that photo into the merchandising campaign for the site. Maybe with the words “Sandwich Control has a posse”.

You can go ahead and place your orders for t-shirts and coffee mugs and mousepads.

In reality, I’ve ordered more button making stuff and some stickers.

It is so on, right now.

Okay, I have to go to work now. More soon. ~SC


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