Darkness Falls.


December 11, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

And man, is it spicy.

I’d like to start out today by wishing some good travel doogies to all my friends who are flying around the world this week. Be sure to send them some good vibes this week.

Yesterday’s events left my house and my beard smelling of peppers. You might remember the doodoo water looking hot sauce that I made a few weeks ago:

Swamp Water

Yes, it looks creepy. It also displeases me. So, I decided to bend it to my will. I proceeded to cook off all that unnecessary liquid and what remained was something much more evil. It went from two giant tubs of light brown swamp water to three bottles of concentrated hate juice. Behold:

Hot Sauce

The boiling process took nearly 6 hours. And now my whole universe smells like it. The darkness seeped into every pore in the fabric of existence.

While the house was turning into a churning cesspool of spicy evil, I decided that that wasn’t enough darkness. It needs to be Most Darkest, after all. So, the second round of kimchi was made with ancho chile. The chipotle kimchi is a pleasant rusty red-brown. The ancho kimchi is dark chocolate brown. So much darkness. So much spice.

In sadder news, we are losing our friend, Beer, for the time being. Due to extenuating circumstances, she has had to return to Japan for a while. Which sucks. We will miss you greatly, friend, until your return. Whereupon, there will be great rejoicing and feasting.

As a thank you gift to me, she got me this:


Which holds my glasses while I sleep.

Best. Presnent. Ever.

Now you see why we’ll miss her so much. That and we won’t have anyone to make silly faces at us. For a while, anyway.

Today is a day of meetings. Ugh. My student and I are this close (shows fingers very closer together) away from getting him done with high school. It is just a matter of proofing all of this English homework before submitting it. Double ugh.

All right. I’m off to make more kimchi and sit in on people talking about stuff.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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